Everything you need to know about IT asset disposal

Large companies use the Disposition of IT Assets (ITAD) to properly dispose and recycle obsolete hardware. ITAD, sometimes known as IT Asset Recycling, is the general term for safely and properly disposing of unwanted or old technology.

These days, it’s safe to say that technology plays a crucial role in your work, regardless of your industry. Without the right hardware, you can’t maintain your competitive edge in your field, whether you’re running a hedge fund or a technology-focused company.

What is ITAD?

IT Asset Disposal is known by many different names, while ITAD, often known as IT Asset Disposal, is a group of services that includes:

  • Liquidation of computers;
  • Purchase of IT leases;
  • Destruction of data in accordance with regulations;
  • Serial timely reporting of IT data and assets (live audit);
  • Reverse logistics;
  • equipment replacement and discounts;
  • All fall under the ITAD banner.

Why ITAD matters

A business will need more advanced computers and networking hardware as it expands. While some of this equipment will eventually end its useful life, other parts are upgraded and replaced before they reach the end of their natural life cycle. Managing the disposal of IT assets has become an increasingly critical issue due to the frequent replacement of technology.

Few people are aware of the significant environmental costs associated with our dependence on modern technology, which begins as soon as they are eliminated. Unexpectedly, only 17.4% (9.1 million tons) of the record 53.6 million metric tons of e-waste wasted in 2019 was recycled. Thus, there are currently around 44 million tons of electronic waste in landfills.

It’s easy to update and replace your company’s technology, but it takes a more sophisticated approach to safely dispose of such equipment while protecting your data. ITAD service providers are experts in managing these procedures and focus on disposing or reselling IT assets with consideration for cost and liability where profit is possible. Maintaining state-of-the-art IT infrastructure will be easier if you have more money to work back into your budget.

Protect yourself from risk and data exposure

ITAD helps you control your company’s exposure by safely sanitizing data and ensuring that your used equipment does not end up in landfills.

Encourage sustainable development

Corporate sustainability activities are always a priority for businesses as sustainable sourcing, circular economy and social value gain popularity.

Innovation and funding

Future procurement professionals must develop their financial expertise and work closely with finance.

Transparency of the chain of custody

You can add transparency to a difficult and opaque process by knowing the origin, destination and cost of your equipment.

Your Complete ITAD Solution

Our IT lifecycle management program, which oversees your technology from acquisition to disposal, is not complete without the IT asset disposal services provided by GreenTek Solutions. Through our accredited partner organizations, we will help you safely dispose of old IT assets in an environmentally friendly way. Plus, managing your company’s outdated technology is simplified and cost-effective with our ITAD services.

Secure data disposal

Data security should go beyond your current IT infrastructure and include all software, hardware and other technology assets. GreenTek Solutions’ market-leading ITAD services will protect your business by ensuring that sensitive data is no longer retained or accessed on outdated computing devices, including PCs, laptops and mobile devices, as well as corporate servers and network equipment.

Increase return on investment

The ITAD services provided by GreenTek Solutions go beyond compliance with industry safety and sustainability regulations. Our team of professionals will examine each computer equipment to see if it can be recycled, refurbished or resold. Suppose your assets have the possibility of being reused. In this case, we will assess the market price and choose the optimal distribution method to ensure you get the most out of your surplus or end-of-life technology equipment.

Responsibility for the environment

Our company has strong alliances with an extensive network of accredited companies for device refurbishment and recycling procedures. In addition, we follow the strictest protocols for the management of used and end-of-life IT equipment, components and materials, based on reuse, disposal rules, energy recovery and materials to contribute to the Environmental Protection.

Reduced logistics prices

With the help of GreenTek Solutions ITAD services, you can be sure that your obsolete IT equipment will be disposed of efficiently and affordably. So that you can focus on your day-to-day operations, we can help you reduce the costs associated with collecting, organizing, marking, packaging, extracting, refurbishing, reselling and recycling your outdated IT assets.


What is the ITAD process?

Large enterprises use the IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) procedure to properly dispose and recycle their old technology. ITAD, also known as IT Asset Disposal, is the general area of ​​the proper and safe disposal of unwanted or obsolete technology.

Are my personal or professional data secure?

Disposal of hard drives and data is crucial for the recycling of obsolete/unwanted computers and electrical equipment. GreenTek Solutions promises that the data will be destroyed in accordance with NIST SP 800-88 data destruction guidelines.

Personal and business data protection helps prevent theft and improper disposal of data while saving money. When customers decide to recycle their old computers and devices, GreenTek Solutions provides tracking of the hard drive destruction process along with an official data destruction certificate. Data destruction processes go beyond what the Department of Defense requires.

Why is IT necessary to dispose of assets?

Companies sell their assets for a variety of reasons, such as The value of the asset has completely diminished: when an asset reaches the end of its useful life, many companies choose to replace it. A business can increase its productivity by replacing obsolete assets with new ones, as current assets are likely to be more efficient.

Where can I recycle electronic devices?

Recycling computers and electronics is simple with GreenTek Solutions. Using an electronics or computer recycling service can prevent e-waste (also known as e-waste) from entering the waste stream, protecting the environment from dangerous poisons and harmful substances. -waste products.

To maintain your business or organization’s compliance and ensure that all personal or business information is handled properly, recycle your devices and computers with GreenTek Solutions. We are very proud to offer a free option for the recycling of obsolete, unwanted or unused devices.

Is my old computer recycled and how do I know?

GreenTek Solutions can help you properly recycle electronics. Disposal of old/obsolete computers and electronics is crucial using a trusted electronics recycler. We value recycling electronics in a way that puts the environment first. We follow a no-landfill policy for recycling computers and electronics at the GreenTek Solutions factory to ensure a fully compliant recycling procedure.

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