Frontera Group and Intellimedia Networks to Launch Enhanced Media Asset Discovery for Mixie AI 2.0 Solution

A demo of the AI-based metadata extraction tool will be available soon

/EIN News/ — Dallas, TX, Oct. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Frontera Group, Inc. (OTC Pink: FRTG) (“Frontera,” “Frontera Group” or “the Company”), a technology – strategic acquirer focused on revenue-generating enterprises and intellectual property (IP), today announced that it will launch an enhanced version of Intellimedia Network’s Mixie AI 2.0 media asset discovery solution, enabling enterprises and content creators with large video repositories to better find and use video content.

Millions of hours of video are uploaded and stored in databases every day, by corporations, news outlets, security cameras, professional content creators and other sources for a variety of applications. Most content is archived with manually tagged keywords to broadly identify the content, making it difficult to discover without spending a lot of time searching and reviewing to find the information you want.

Mixie AI 2.0’s media asset discovery tool removes this challenge by automatically analyzing live and archived video content to extract a wealth of metadata using AI media recognition engines that improve video search and add significant value for media, education, security and surveillance. as corporate training industries.

“We are excited to introduce this innovative video technology to everyone,” said Andrew De Luna, Acting CEO of Frontera Group. “Enhancements to our solution make it easier than ever to extract information that is virtually lost for businesses in all industries and provide a way to find and identify additional information from treasure troves of existing footage that is typically reserved. to larger corporations and government agencies.”

Mixie AI 2.0 unlocks new features like more nuanced content recommendation engines, situational workflow automation, targeted contextual advertising from live and stored video libraries, and advanced security footage analytics.

A browser-accessible demo of Mixie AI 2.0’s enhanced media asset discovery tool will soon be announced for users to upload their own content and discover a wealth of information from their existing videos.

About Frontera
Frontera Group is a strategic acquirer of intellectual property and revenue-generating businesses in the technology and human capital markets. It develops and executes an aggressive four-tier acquisition and execution strategy designed to deliver substantial increases in the profitability of its acquisitions in industries that traditionally have low and stagnant EBITDA multiples. The Company has identified and is currently pursuing several revenue-generating acquisition targets.

For more information, please visit Frontera’s website at

About Intellimedia Networks
Intellimedia Networks is a US and India-based technology company that designs and deploys cloud platforms and applications that create immersive experiences. Intellimedia’s award-winning products use augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence to improve media, training, education, virtual event broadcasting, real estate and other applications.

For more information, please visit the Intellimedia Networks website at

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