Frontline PCI-Pro™ Datasheet – Security Boulevard

Frontline PCI-Pro takes security beyond compliance

Frontline PCI-Pro combines the full range of services of Digital Defense Frontline Pro™ subscription to our managed PCI compliance services. Digital
Defense, as a certified PCI Authorized Scanning Vendor (ASV), was the first vendor to approach PCI compliance as a managed service. Now we take this step
additionally to provide comprehensive vulnerability management within PCI-Pro through a tiered approach. Instead of running scan after scan on a business with a “fail until you pass” compliance mindset, with PCI-Pro we approach compliance as the top level of a multi-tiered pyramid. levels involving a full assessment of vulnerabilities and
remediation management like the other two layers with PCI compliance assessment.

The first tier focuses on comprehensive vulnerability assessments, which include:

• Analysis of external and internal vulnerabilities
• Strong technical and executive reports
• Management of vulnerability workflows
• Reports on trends and activities

The second level focuses on remediation management and resolution of identified issues.
vulnerabilities in a systematic, efficient and cost-effective manner. This level includes:

• Access to a personal security analyst
• Priority and assignment of corrective actions
• Personalized management reports
• Enterprise-wide assessment of vulnerability remediation progress

The final level focuses on taking results from the first two levels and producing the reports needed to document PCI DSS test success. This includes follow-up analysis necessary to substantiate progress against previously discovered vulnerabilities.

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