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  • Greenvale Mining (GRV) announces positive test results of its preferred liquefaction process for the Alpha torbanite project in Queensland
  • The company says tests have revealed that the project’s torbanite and cinnamon coal samples can be liquefied for bitumen production.
  • Greenvale chief executive Mark Turner says the results are a “major breakthrough” in the development of the company’s Alpha torbanite project in Queensland
  • Further tests are underway and the results will be used for the design of a pilot plant followed by a pre-feasibility study for the Alpha project.
  • Greenvale Mining shares last traded at 13 cents on August 23

Greenvale Mining (GRV) reported that recent tests found its preferred liquefaction process suitable for producing bitumen from its Alpha project in Queensland.

The testing program was conducted by PROCOM Consultants and aimed to determine if samples of torbanite and cinnamon coal from Gully Mine could be successfully liquefied and if more severe conditions could allow greater conversion of solids to liquids.

In the first series of tests, the results demonstrated that liquefaction could be used effectively to generate oils in the heavy oil fractions needed for production or as an added component to bitumen blends.

The test also revealed that the liquefaction generated reduced gaseous by-products from the torbanite shale compared to the more traditional pyrolytic retort process. According to the company, this improves the environmental profile of the Alpha torbanite project.

Greenvale chief executive Mark Turner said the results were a “major breakthrough” in the development of the project.

“The results are a major breakthrough as they show that the preferred liquefaction processing route will make Alpha suitable for bitumen production while producing less carbon dioxide than the traditional pyrolytic method,” Turner said.

“Further tests will be undertaken at higher temperatures, also testing a more targeted catalyst, to find the optimal conversion parameters and improve the percentage of heavy oil fractions.”

Greenvale will use the results of the test program, with other ongoing tests, for a pilot plant. The results of the pilot plant will then be incorporated into a pre-feasibility study for the Alpha project.

Shares of the company last traded at 13 cents on Aug. 23.

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