How to Stop Qwertying on Your Way to Hackers: 5 Internet Security Tips from OctaFX

Who will you blame if you wake up one day with no work and no money on your bank card? Yourself. That’s if you don’t follow internet security advice. Global broker OctaFX outlines the top do’s and don’ts for staying safe online.

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media outreach – August 12, 2022 – With fraudsters gaining ground on the internet every year and their schemes becoming more sophisticated, it’s not always easy to avoid being hacked or scammed. However, global broker OctaFX knows how to protect your sensitive information from theft. He will be happy to share some of the most important internet security tips. But first, a little story.

Meet Amir. He is a regular user of online stores. Some time ago, Amir created an account in one of these stores. When signing up, he used his work email address and the password he used everywhere: Qwerty123. He made a purchase on the site with his credit card which he then added to his account.

Two weeks later, Amir decided to check his banking app, anticipating another round of online shopping that evening. His salary was to be waiting in his account. To his amazement, the money wasn’t there. Amir was ready to start calling his company’s finance department in his righteous anger when he checked his card transaction history. Her heart sank. There was a $500 purchase that he never made. Someone bought a smartphone on the site on which he registered two weeks ago. Moreover, the smartphone has already been picked up in one of the branches of the store in his city.

Amir felt devastated, to say the least. But that was only the beginning of his misfortunes. Suddenly, his colleague approached him and said, “Amir, are you selling our customer database on the Internet? That’s your name over there! Amir barely had time to mutter, “That’s not me,” before he saw his boss standing in front of him, ready, it seemed, to glare at him. ‘You are fired!’ was the last thing Amir heard before losing consciousness and… waking up.

Phew… It was just a dream, Amir thought. “But how could all this have happened?

Let’s analyze the case of Amir. The first thing he did wrong was sign up anywhere with their work email address. Although some of us work so hard that we mix our living and working spaces, it is unprofessional and dangerous to use your work email for personal purposes.

Amir’s second mistake was his the password. It was right too easy to breakbecause it was one of most common passwords in the world. Amir had to be a lot more creative when setting up a password, or use a password generator. And no, ‘Amir123’ wouldn’t be better. Something like ‘B{6{2BP2vG’ would be great.

Another mistake was that Amir used the same password everywhere. Even if you use a very complex password, someone can see it on a note on your table or on the “saved passwords” page on the computer you only used once. If they use it, they could hack into all of your accounts at once.

The fourth mistake made by Amir was add your credit card to your store account. The hackers used it to their advantage and got a brand new smartphone. The fact that it was Amir’s primary bank card made matters worse – it meant he had all his money on it.

Presumably Amir made his last mistake while surfing the Internet. He probably did it using a unsecured internet connection or just downloaded malware, making it easier for hackers to access their accounts. Alternatively, given his very common password, it could be anyone who knows his email address, even competitors of the company he worked for.

So here are five OctaFX security tips that every internet user should consider:

  • Do not use your work email address for personal purposes. Preferably use several personal e-mail addresses.
  • Always use strong passwords. Lots of strong passwords. Ideally, let each of your accounts have its own password. Use password managers, such as KeePassto store your passwords.
  • Do not register your bank cards in an online store. When you buy something on the Internet, make sure that the site you use is reliable and secure.
  • Do not use public Wi-Fi or any other public network when logging into important accounts.
  • Do not follow suspicious links or download attachments from suspicious emails that you have never seen before.

After knowing the tips above, Amir knew how to protect himself against scammers and hackers on the Internet. In addition, he helped his company implement important security measures and got a promotion.

Surf the Internet safely and don’t forget your new passwords! Next time we will explore the world of online scams and phishing and how to identify them.

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