Huge challenge! Ginni refuses to sell her shop to Adi

Bombay: Star Bharat has always been eager to offer something new to its viewers whether it is fiction or non-fiction shows and audiences have always embraced the concept of these shows. Star Bharat is back with a new drama series and is now preparing to entertain the audience with her new upcoming show “Channa Mereya” which is ready to entertain the audience.

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The twist of the story is that Ginni is running her late father’s dhaba when here Adi comes back from Canada and decides to buy the dhaba. Meanwhile, when Ginnin has to repay the loan from 3 lakes to the lender, Adi’s business offer turns out to be a holy grail for her. However, when Adi offers to buy the dhaba for 10 lac rupees, Ginni shockingly refuses to sell her dhaba. And now it turns out to be a major turning point in Adi and Ginni’s lives.

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Interestingly, Ginni refuses to sell the dhaba because she loves her dhaba and love is priceless. Therefore, Ginni hits Adi’s emotions harder because for the first time he hears something about love. Now, let’s wait a bit to see if Adi will choose love or business with Ginni.

Stay tuned and keep reading for more updates and news on Star Bharat’s Channa Mereya.

Credit: Serial Gossip

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