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If I could wiggle my nose and make it happen, I’d replace every congressman and senator who voted to put excess Social Security funds into the general fund to use to help pay for their mismanagement of health care payments. taxes.

Social Security money was the security blanket for every worker in the United States

It was a separate fund, financed by the workers of each party and each type of employment to ensure their subsistence after the end of their working days.

Congress had no right to take control of our surplus security money. It was our nest egg, our security fund.

I realize that some who have never contributed a penny to the fund are probably reaping some of its benefits, but nonetheless, contributors should be the ones who control and receive the benefits.

I’m led to believe that one of our candidates will be working to eliminate the security system.

His way of thinking is a total mystery to me, but if you became a millionaire with donated funds, I suspect your thoughts and resonance processes are not on the same level as a worker.

The ability to say “no” is a good trait, but the wisdom of knowing when to say it is also a remarkable and worthy element.

Saying “no” to the 9/11 responders was a sure mistake along with a few others.

We certainly need new blood in our government leadership.

Both parties need to work with the American people in mind instead of their party being their primary concern.

And get vaccinated before another wave of deaths hits us.

Jack Warner



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