Perforce Transforms Digital Asset Management for Game Studios and Virtual Effects Creators

As the creator of Helix Core, the industry-standard version control system for game development, Perforce saw a compelling need among existing customers for a better way to manage art, 3D models, audio and video components used in their games and other multimedia. projects.

Creative teams at game development companies often struggle to find their art when they need it, determine if a file is the latest or most approved version, and access the art when they connect remotely. Challenges like these cost teams a lot of time – time they could spend iterating on the art that is so fundamental to the customer experience with their products.

Perforce is uniquely positioned to help creative teams solve their data management and workflow challenges. “Helix Core enables organizations to collaborate at scale by organizing, managing releases, and managing asset changes across multiple teams,” says Brad Hart, chief technology officer at Perforce. “The question we asked was, how do we create a similar system that improves efficiency for artists and designers? We knew the system had to be visual, browser-based, and support the files they created. , so we designed Helix DAM specifically for these needs.”

Helix DAM is built on Helix Core and takes advantage of the version control system’s speed, security, and ability to scale infinitely while adding an intelligent visual layer that allows artists and designers to quickly find their creative resources. It automatically generates previews of 3D, 2D, audio and video files stored in the system so users can find what they need at a glance. Helix DAM also makes finding an asset quick and easy with AI-generated tags, advanced filters, and collection grouping.

“Having something like Helix DAM where you can search for files intelligently will save us a huge amount of time,” said Chris Swiatek, co-founder of virtual production studio ICVR. Swiatek is a long-time Helix Core user who participated in the Helix DAM beta.

In addition to finding assets quickly, teams can use Helix DAM to simplify the process of reviewing and iterating their art. The tool gives them the ability to comment directly on an asset’s preview, eliminating the need to send piecemeal feedback over insecure channels like email or messaging apps. It allows them to see what stage of the review process an asset is in and drag and drop it to move forward or back. It also allows teams to reuse an asset for another project with the click of a button.

With Helix DAM, Perforce aims to help artists and designers streamline creative workflows and secure their art. This gives them a single source of truth for their creative assets, allowing them to maximize each work of art and bring a higher quality product to market faster.

Teams can try Helix DAM for free for 14 days, with no installation, configuration or commitment.

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