Real Madrid sell another youth academy player, emotional farewell

Mayoral says goodbye to his boyhood club.

Borja Mayoral is one of Real Madrid’s transfers for this season and will arrive at Getafe. However, his main desire was to stay in the club of his love and of which he was a canterano. For this reason, he took advantage of his social networks to leave a moving letter expressing how his journey in the merengue club has been and what is coming for his professional career.

“I want to thank all the coaches I had from Alevín B to the first team, the club workers who make life easier for us and that of all the fans”, in addition to the coaches, he also remembers the rest of club staff and fans.

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“I arrived as a child with the illusion of being a footballer. At the age of 10, I began to wear the Real Madrid crest in my heart. Fifteen years later, it’s my turn to saying goodbye and it’s not easy for me. This club has seen me grow, I’ve created many wonderful memories and had great experiences,” Mayoral said in his farewell letter.

“This club has shaped me as a player, but above all as a person,” he said, adding that the club helped him “to become the person I am”. He also feels very grateful because “I played with legends, scored goals and won the Champions League,” he said in the letter posted on the social network Twitter.

The end of a love affair with Madrid

With this letter, the Madrid striker ends his long period as a madridista (he arrived at the age of 10) and begins his career as a Getafe player, where he will remain at least until 2027. Indeed, last season he had the opportunity to play on loan, but now he’s been signed.

Mayoral was one of those set to replace Karim Benzema for this season but that couldn’t happen and Real Madrid are reportedly looking for a new striker to give the Frenchman who excelled the previous season a ‘breath’ .

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