They reinforce security on the Monterrey-Saltillo highway; More victims of road attacks

After the arrest of 4 suspected kidnappers of a truck driver, elements of the State Public Security Secretariat stepped up surveillance.

Saltillo, Coahuila.-After the arrest of four suspected kidnappers from a trailer on the Monterrey-Saltillo Highwayelements of the Secretariat for Public Security of the State have reinforced surveillance at the entrance filter of the city located at the said point.

According to the security elements, the instruction is to thoroughly check all cargo units that travel with more than one crew member on board or that appear suspicious, in order to avoid the commission of any crime and ensure passage. safely from truckers across the state. .

Elements of the Municipal Police of Ramos Arizpe also participate in the checkpoint which, in coordination with state companies, monitors one of the main entrances to Coahuilain addition to having the presence of a canine pair for drug detection.

So far, there have been no incidents of insecurity, only tourists who have voluntarily stopped their walk in search of advice on the destination they are traveling to.

More victims of road attacks

Other victims of the gang of the four highway robbers appear, who were arrested this Friday by the police authorities of Coahuila, after a persecution. Another truck driver from San Luis Potosí recognized these same thieves as the ones who robbed him two weeks ago.

This Friday it was announced that after chasing a trailer with a theft report, he was arrested on the Monterrey-Saltillo highway. There they rescued the driver, handcuffed in the cabin, and arrested the assailants Roberto, Víctor Jerónimo, Juan Manuel and Cristian, natives of Nuevo León, who remained at the disposal of the Public Ministry.

But now there are more victims of this same tug gang. One of them, named Pablo, recognized in photographs published in Zócalo Saltillo, two of the detainees as the same ones who assaulted him two weeks ago.

He said that on this occasion he was leaving Monterrey towards San Luis Potosí, and at kilometer 49 of the Monterrey-Saltillo highway, his trailer broke down and he stopped, waiting for help from his company. But during that time, the thieves intercepted him.

“Around 7:30 a.m. two men came, they came out of a Tsuru, they forced me to open the doors, they came in and started beating me, they took my wallet, the money I had, my mobile phone, and they started going through everything to find more money. They took the keys to the trailer,” explains Pablo.

He says the beating escalated because upon realizing the trailer was broken and they weren’t going to be able to steal it, before getting off the heavy unit one of them pulled out a gun and pointed it at him.

After being helped by other truck drivers whom he asked for help, he arrived at the checkpoint at the entrance to Ramos Arizpe and was able to return to his native San Luis to recover from the beatings. However, he assures us that there are more victims.

“A colleague told me that it had happened to him too, on this same stretch, but this time there were more colleagues, they all got robbed, and I understand that there were more victims, because they told us not to stop there,” shared .

Finally, he declares that he intends to file a complaint against the criminals, and calls on the other victims to do the same, to be prosecuted and judged, and not to leave prison.

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