Unlock Web3 with NEST®’s first digital identity and asset protocol

NEST®, the world’s first digital blockchain identity solution, introduces Self-Sovereign Distributed Identity (SSDID), a first-of-its-kind confidential digital identity protocol. With crypto ownership, crypto and NFT enthusiasts enjoy complete control, privacy, and provenance over all their digital assets in the Web3 environment. The NEST® solution provides one-to-one encryption capability to essentially solve digital asset provenance, authentication and fraud issues.

As a next-generation blockchain infrastructure with confidential distributed identity and cross-chain asset control, NEST® enables convenient Web3 economics while meeting industry challenges with identity control protocols distributed ledger technology (DLT). From NFTs to data asset management, NEST® users can create, authenticate, secure, earn and privately trade digital assets or content using their own personalized NEST® standalone distributed identity. This solution also enables unlimited transactions and exchanges with Zero-Knowledge Proof on almost all consumer networks.

A new KYC/AML process carried out in a confidential and decentralized manner

Creating an SSDID with NEST® equips users with a personal, hyper-encrypted digital identity, fully decentralized through its bespoke layer-zero blockchain. Users may understand the concept of SSDID as similar to traditional KYC and AML processes. However, the SSDID is uniquely constructed in a confidential and decentralized manner, allowing for confidential user-directed controls, without sacrificing any personal data to centralized repositories. NEST® further responds to user choice and network selection by letting everyone decide how, where and for what their full or partial digital identity can be used or disclosed.

Charles Anderson, Founder and CEO of NEST®, notes: “A common misconception is that blockchain and smart contracts today provide ironclad security and protection for participants. The truth is, billions of dollars worth of NFTs can easily be stolen with just a few clicks. Security and protection, provenance and authentication have not yet been made automatic or inherent. In other words, the true ownership and control of digital identities and assets, even before participation in the transaction, has not been resolved. That’s why NEST® has been painstakingly created over many years – to provide the missing piece users need before they even approach Web3 as a tangible environment for engagement.

The first universal non-custodial wallet to confidentially confer legal and beneficial ownership

NEST® is set to launch the first-of-its-kind mobile app in Q3 2022. Although available by invitation only at this time, the NEST® app enables an all-in-one omnidirectional wallet no custodian, for real-world user identity authentication. It is the unique application for open control of Web3 and Metaverse. The app is designed to help users instantly unlock their Web3 journey, allowing them to create, authenticate, secure, trade and socialize via NEST® and confidentially via the SSDID protocol.

The NEST® App is a proprietary web3 application that allows users to instantly create or trade NFTs on traditional blockchain networks including Avalanche, Binance Chain, Ethereum, Klaytn, Polygon, and Solana. With extremely low gas charges, users can additionally authenticate and register NFTs using the NEST® AI Digital Artwork Database, which assigns legal provenance and ownership rights. It also enables uncensored blockchain-powered social media posts and end-to-end encrypted messages and calls. The NEST® app provides device-side encryption with private key pair control for optimal security and protection of user assets.

Exceed the digital identity industry standard

As an official associate member of the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) – the industry standard for structuring digital identity – NEST® constantly strives to exceed current industry and privacy standards by providing users with a single platform to tangibly hold real-world proof of ownership in the digital space, without compromising their privacy.

With NEST®, decentralization no longer means anonymous or insecure. Its state-of-the-art Web3 infrastructure guarantees each user individually authenticated control of their cross-channel activities.

About NEST®

NEST® is the next-generation blockchain infrastructure that sets the global standard for confidential, distributed identity and cross-chain asset control. We believe that each person should have the power to have autonomous, independent and confidential control of their data and assets. Our Self-Sovereign Distributed Identity (SSDID) protocol allows individuals to “make personal choices”. From dynamic NFTs and typing to omni-network access, NEST® provides the required infrastructure that makes Web3 truly accessible.

Founded in 2017, NEST® has offices in the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and India. The company is leading the charge to bring truly distributed controls and widely accessible Web3 solutions to the world.

Photo by Vicky Yu on Unsplash

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